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What Is Mobbing, How Does It Affect You, And How Do You Save Yourself From It?

What Is Mobbing, How Does It Affect You, And How Do You Save Yourself From It? Find Out

People have often used the words ‘’bullying and mobbing’’ interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing? Well, the former means a repeated pattern of intrusive, violational behavior directed towards a single or multiple targets. It may involve criticizing them, refusing to value/acknowledge them, discredit or undermine them, among a host of other negative behaviors.

Mobbing is used in continental Europe, and it means a victim is selected by a group of individuals and bullied. However, every group features a ring leader, who may have a distinct trait. For instance, if they are an extrovert, they will make it clear who is pushing the group to do what they are doing.

On the other hand, if they are introverted, they may hide in the background while doing what they do best – coercing members of the group to bully their target. Introverts are said to be very dangerous and canning! In a situation where mobbing is about to take place, the ringleader will incite his/her supporters, copycat, or cohort inexperienced, unenlightened, immature or emotionally unstable group members with poor values, to attack the identified victim.

Through inflicting adversarial interactions with the victim, the chief bully derives pleasure. This leads to mutually-assured destruction, in which the chief bully finds intense gratification. In fact, this is a trait shown by most psychopathic personalities.

Another aspect of psychopathic bullies is that they home in on the wannabe types. These are also considered non-psychopathic, less vigorous bullies, who only need empowerment to reach to where they crave to be. When this category of people teams up with the psychopathic chief bullies, they tend to learn how to attain the position of power and authority, which by the way, they’ve craved for for so long. Once the above ideals are met, they become a slave of the master, i.e. the senior psychopathic bully. In other words, they deteriorate in wit while becoming compliant puppets. Even at the workplace, these people make excellent clones & drones. A wannabe clearly lacks the qualifications of being where they are.

Furthermore, they also lack the intellect which would make them understand the nature or manner of their compliant sub-subservience.

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When mobbing takes place, the target will be deceived into retaliatory mode by fighting, blaming or even trying to hold accountable minor bullies of the team. At this point, the chief bully is nowhere to be seen, so they won’t face the blame. This is interesting because the chief psychopathic bully will keep slipping away unnoticed every time, and that’s because he/she makes people believe that he/she is not the monster. And by the way, it’s hard to tell if they were somehow involved in the vice.

Furthermore, this is the main reason why many wife-batterers and pedophiles succeed in evading accountability and sanction by the authorities, so their behavior could thrive even for decades. These people look very charming at first sight. They may also pretend to be plausible or naïve, inexperienced or uneducated people. It is easy to take them for people who have never experienced mobbing before.

You will find them in Human Resource Department They’ve mastered their art, and are very smart in the game of capturing people within the human resource and management department, thereby converting them into a team of mobbing experts who can be manipulated others i.e. made puppets to burnout junior employees within the organization.   To reduce stress associated with mobbing, the rule of the thumb is to identify the real source, which would be the chief bully in this case.

Concentration should be put towards holding the ringleader accountable for his silent but canning actions in order to finally accomplish stress relief. However, keep in mind that this is not going to be a walk in the park, why? They are obviously going to launch a retaliatory attack against you, thanks to their vast network of puppets that can be manipulated easily. So expect a thriving mobbing activities and a fast-expanding web of deceit ganging up against you. If this won’t work, you might consider leaving so that these people don’t ruin your health, your career and even life. However, in the event that the ringleader is exposed and forced to leave, the aggression, dysfunction, and the negative feelings planted by them is likely to haunt the place for years. But eventually, it dissipates, so everything moves on as it is.

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What a spouse needs to know about parenting


Becoming a parent for the first is exciting and at the same time overwhelming. So much is expected from a spouse especially the mother. You are guaranteed of sleepless nights, too much running up and down is expected of the father, and everyone begins to get caught up by the visitor in the family. Different childcare advices from different people start streaming in- even from strangers on how hold, feed or burp the newborn. This is when spouse wish that their newborn could have at least come with a manual.


But the best thing about kids is that they grow very fast. As kids grow, always be there for them and be a good role model to them. As a spouse, each one of you has a role to play in the kid’s life as he or she develops. Like sponges, kids tend to do whatever their parents are doing. Always do good things and your child will do the same. This applies to your hobbies as well. Expose your kids to everything that you think it will have a positive impact in their lives including your hobbies. It will be a bonding opportunity for you and your kids in case they end up liking your some of your hobbies.

Choosing the right fun activities for your kids go a long way with ensuring that their safety is checked remembering also that this could be their future career. There are many things you can leave your kids to play with while you maneuver with house chores but you should remember that not everything around the house is safe for them. You can let your two-year son build small houses with Legos which is very enjoyable to him but dangerous at the same time because he can swallow a Lego. Or your long-curled hair daughter might be playing with his big brothers toys which might be too heavy for her.

The bottom line is to spend some time assessing the playing needs of the kid. Does whatever he plays with make him happy? Does it compromise his safety? You can also gauge their strengths and weakness through an art activity. Let him create figures using either clay or sticks and if you see some excitement during this activity, consider nurturing him in art.

When it comes to kids’ birthdays, every spouse is proud seeing their kid moving on to the next year in life. This means that good work has been done and the kid is in good shape that he or she made it to the next year. Planning for birthday parties; the venue, activities and of course the clean up afterwards is tedious. And again going back to the same old place each year to celebrate a birthday is boring. A change of scenery makes the celebration worthwhile; you can decide to host the party at the gymnastic studio, or at an indoor sports center, also little girls could really enjoy a salon/spa experience or you can take them to a nature center where they can learn more about the fauna and flora, do nature walks and have an outdoor picnic. You should always take family pictures especially during birthdays. This is a way of showing your kids that you had interest in them even in their early ages.

The kid has grown and is ready to join school, there come the hustle of finding the best school for your child which usually not an easy task. As a spouse, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider before picking a school for your child. Practically, the school should be near your residential area- select one that you pass along as you head to work. Long distance travelling, the traffic can be so tiring to the kid and they’ll always arrive in school late which is not motivating to you as a parent and to your kid as well.

You should also choose a school that appeal to your standards; scrutinize their philosophy, standards, and values. Are they in line with your belief system at home? Does the teacher-student ratio appeal to you? What is their average class size? School facilities- are they of good quality? Do they have the basic facilities like a library with age-appropriate books, an auditorium, a clinic, a clean cafeteria, and physical education facilities which must be spacious? Do they have a security alarm system and an alert team? As a parent, it feels safe knowing that your child is in safe hands while in school- it gives you a peace of mind. In a nutshell, these are the most important factors you need to consider before enrolling your kid to any school.

You should also consider the school’s selection process to know the kind of children your kid is going to interact with. The characteristics, response behaviors, personality,  perceived expertise and learning styles of the school you are going to enroll your child. If for instance your kid is interested in art, dance, music, drama or any other activity, be sure to enroll your kid to a school that nurtures such an interest as early as possible.

Above all, you should not forget to go on dates even as the kids grow. When kids come, everything changes; no more weekend getaway, night outs, or dates. Instead: more time with family.


This is because every spouse would feel bad leaving behind their kids but it actually gives the two of you an opportunity to rekindle your love, do grown up stuff to keep your relationship healthy, relax and to refresh yourselves.

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Understanding Small Business Tax Deductions

Small Business Tax Deductions


Disclaimer: No tax advice, no legal advice, no financial advice.

Many people who have a small business or home-based business aren’t getting the deductions that they deserve. While it’s always important to follow tax laws closely, there are many small or home business tax deductions that are forgotten. To get the most from a business, make sure to include these deductions. 

tax deduction

Home Offices

A home office deduction is often left off the list, but be sure to include this deduction in taxes. The key to using this deduction is making sure that the home office is a space in the home devoted to just the business and nothing else. A family den, for example, won’t work in this way. However, the deduction doesn’t have to be limited to an entire room. A home office can even be part of a room. To get a realistic deduction, measure the work area and divide this number by the square footage of the home. That percentage can be used to determine which living expenses such as rent, mortgage, insurance, and electricity can be claimed. 


When office supplies comprise more than just basic pens and paper, be sure to deduct these expenses as well. A tax deduction can include office furniture in a few main ways. Deduct either the entire cost of the furniture purchased or a portion of the expense over seven years, which is known as depreciation. When unsure of which way to do this deduction, anticipate which times the small business is going to need these deductions the most. Other equipment such as computers, fax machines, scanners, and similar items can be deducted the same way although this equipment has a five-year depreciation period


For small businesses, driving is an expense that is deductible, but most people wouldn’t recognize it as such. To save money on gas, keep a notebook in a vehicle and record the date, mileage, any tolls or parking costs, and the purpose of the trip. At the end of the year, add up the costs and use this as a small business tax deduction. Or, if desired, measure the business usage against personal driving and deduct that portion of any auto-related expenses including gas, repairs, and insurance. If leasing, be sure to include those payments or factor in loans if purchasing. And, if the company’s office is at home, small businesses get even more of a break. In this case, deduct the entire business-related mileage from leaving the driveway until returning home. However, if the business is not home-based, the mileage meter starts at the first business-related destination and will end at the last. 

Child Labor

For many people who have a small business or a home-based business, their kids play a significant role in the work force. When limited childcare is available, kids are even more of part of that business. If they are paid for their work, then, depending on the amount, they may be able to avoid income taxes. Also, there is no social security tax when the child is 17 or younger and their salary can be deducted as a business expense. However, this small business tax deduction is only available when you or you and your spouse are the only partners. If the business is run as a corporation, then this will not be an option. 

Insurance Premiums

For small businesses where many of the owners are self-employed, it’s common to be paying for your own health insurance premiums. However, the entire amount of these costs are deductible. However, keep in mind that there are some limits to this deduction. It cannot be more than the net profit of the business and it won’t be allowed if you were deemed eligible for other healthcare coverage, such as the coverage offered by an employed spouse’s plan. However, this deduction can be significant for a small or home-based business. Additionally, some of the premiums paid for long-term care insurance are also deductible, so be sure to count these expenses in a tax return. 

Many small business owners don’t realize that they can save a significant amount of money on their yearly taxes. These small business tax deductions tend to be even greater for a home-based business, so they’re well worth any extra time or effort preparing yearly tax returns. Be sure to both document these expenses and claim them correctly to get the most from each deductible expense.

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Top Activities for Kids

Best-Loved Activities for Kids


Kids love playing, but for parents who want their children to also learn and develop, why not combine these two goals? Childcare doesn’t have be a chore, and activities for kids can be both engaging and also skill-building. Some of these activities are a great way to spark a child’s curiosity, build a new skill, and encourage healthy development. 

Enjoy Crafts Together

Kids love craft activities, especially when they get to enjoy playing with and having the final product. One of the favorite crafts to make is bird houses. Most home improvement stores sell bird house kits that can be easily assembled at home, and help kids improve motor skills and work on their design abilities. After the bird house has been assembled, kids can be creative and paint the houses, adding fun designs to the theme. Not only is this craft idea skill-building, it also provides years of enjoyment as birds come and nest in these houses. When bird houses are not an option, consider other crafts such as paper-mache, making paper flower, ornaments, or other small crafts. 

Stage the Olympics

This fun activity can be done with parents and spouses as well as kids for a fun way to be active throughout the year. It may even be a good idea when childcare is involved since this activity works best with a group of kids. Stage the games with races, relays, and other fun events. The games don’t have to be the same as the regular olympics and can be as varied as possible. As a spouse make sure to set aside a few hours for this activity and have fun prizes or medals for the winning team at the end to help motivate the kids to participate. 

Volunteer Locally

Activities for kids don’t just have to be fun, they can also be a good way to encourage kids to give back to their communities. For kids who may seem reluctant to volunteer, look into volunteering at a local animal adoption organization. Kids who enjoy animals may be more excited about this activity and be willing to put in a few hours a week playing with animals and helping out as needed. It’s never to early to learn about the importance of volunteering, so make this activity possible for kids when available. There are many ways to volunteer, even at a young age. 

Cook Meals Together

During the younger years, kids are learning and exploring more, so why not take these adventures to the kitchen? Make this a complete activity by having kids choose a fun recipe and then take them shopping to pick up the ingredients. If possible, pick out a recipe that may be specific to an international country and then visit an ethnic grocery store to find the ingredients needed. The interesting spices and new flavors are a great way for kids to find out more about the world. They’ll also pick up some basic skills in the kitchen by helping prepare and cook the dishes. 

Plant a Garden

For parents who enjoy gardening, kids often don’t seem all that interested. However, when they become responsible for having their own section of the garden, they may find their green thumb! Encourage this skill by explaining that they can each have a small area of the garden where they can plant anything they want. Take the kids to a local gardening store and help them pick out seedlings, flower seeds, or anything else that they want to grow. Then, let them be mostly responsible for planting and caring for their small garden, although provide any help as needed. This activity is a great way to encourage responsibility with kids and also let them see how their hard work pays off when they start to see vegetables growing or end up with beautiful flowers and plants.

Vary the Activities

Some of these activities for kids are better off in the summer months while others could be done year round. However, it’s important to engage children in a variety of activities to keep their minds and bodies active. Use these ideas or think of other ones in the area to promote fun learning at every stage of life. Kids will enjoy taking part, and they’ll also learn some valuable skills along the way.

So look forward to spend more time with family and do good parenting!


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The benefits of being your own boss

Be your Own Boss – The Benefits

What’s better, to be the employee, or be your own boss?

A lot of people find themselves in fix when deciding whether they should seek employment, or start their own business. These two are quite balanced as they both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. And although at the end of the day one has the right to choose what befits them best, it’s very clear that being your own boss is highly advantageous unlike being employed. The top six main reasons why choosing to be your own boss is beneficial include:

Ability to have flexible work hours:

As your own boss, you have the ability to dictate the hours when you’ll be working. One is therefore never constrained by the usual 9 to 5 time frame as is the case with the regular day jobs. Instead, you can choose to start your day at the office at any time of the day or night. More importantly is that these hours don’t have to be consistent. For instance, on Monday you can start working at noon, on Tuesday at the very early hours in the morning, on Wednesday you can work during the late night hours, and so on. The number of hours you spend working won’t even mean much to you since you’ll be doing something that you love.

High degree of job satisfaction:

Being your own boss, you are a lot more capable of reaping what your sow’ and enjoying it to the fullest. This is because all of the hardwork put into the business transforms into profits. So unlike the case where an employee’s hardwork is merely rewarded by a pat on the back, a meagre pay rise or promotion, as the main owner, you will enjoy all of the profits by yourself, and in the ways that you desire. The satisfaction also comes by when executing any creative ideas. Since you won’t be required to run any of these ideas to your superior as is the case with employees, the results will be achieved within a shorter timeframe. At the end of the day, you are bound to be more fulfilled and proud of yourself once you see how rewarding your hardwork is.

Protection against unemployment:

Being the boss, the one thing that’s always going to be guaranteed is that you’re never going to lose your job. Even if the business doesn’t do well enough, you’ll continue holding your position. It’s through this guarantee that you will give the very best to ensure that the business gets back on its feet. It’s hence evident that if one has all the control in the business, their desire to achieve and work towards the greater good of their business will be enhanced.

Opens up Business networking opportunities:

As the boss, you’ll be required to conduct all of the business transactions; from marketing to advertizing, and from accounting to management. This will see you working with all kinds of professionals and also your customers/clients at a more personal level. Despite it being tasking, it’s highly advantageous as it’ll help you create and build contracts that can come in handy towards the growth of the business.

No more commuting:

Becoming your own boss will significantly reduce the number of hours or minutes wasted everyday on the road, while driving to and from work. This is mainly because many self-made bosses have a preference of working from their home offices. By it being convenient and easier to access, you’ll not only end up saving on gas but also on time; which is of great importance more so when building your new empire.

Early retirement:

Self-employed individuals are highly favored by the retirement plans as they enable them save more towards their 401 (k) retirement accounts. If the business is doing well, you can maker higher contributions per year thereby enabling you to retire early, if you so wish, now that you will have saved enough. This is unlike the case with employees whose accounts have a limit on how much one can contribute.

Additionally, you are bound to develop exemplary traits such as diligence, diplomacy, frugality, reliability and punctuality, which could be of great help to the business in the long run. But at the same time, to be your own boss, you ought to be very self disciplined, patient, very hard working and innovative.


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Manual for parenting

Parenting and childcare: When do you start learning?

Parenting is perhaps the most demanding responsibilities nature heaves upon higher creatures and especially on us humans. It is said that a child’s future will heavily depend on how they were brought up and this could not be more true if you were to review the lives of people who grew up under no rules either because their parents were not so much concerned or they were not available for a good part of the child’s youth. So spend more time with family (hint, hint, …). Everyone wants to bring up a respectable lady or a gentleman of means but as easy as it sounds, such an undertaking is not your daily walk in the park. Just to cite some few hurdles, you have to try and discover the child’s talent so that you may start investing in it early, provide the best nutrition and save for college. There are a lot of things to learn but when exactly do you start exploring this topic?

While it is shocking for some, other couples will smile at the news of a coming child. Apparently, this is where parenting starts and if no one told you, most of it is about making decisions and choices for a young mind which is incapable of such feats. For instance, when you and your spouse are expecting a child the first thing you should be concerned about is its health. Most people will obsess with nutrition but other things like the child’s growth pattern are important to. Of course you can rely on your doctor to discover irregularities but you too have a role to play. Just to give an example, it is only an observant parent who can discover their child’s allergies, flaws in their cognitive system, social capabilities and others which are related to growth.

If you will be successful to bring up a child to the stage where they can start using the potty, then you can start gaining control over their behavior and manners. You however, have to note that children learn at different rates and while it might take some just a few weeks to adapt to the potty, others will take extremely long. However, you should not start making speculations about the child’s intellectual capabilities based on potty training. Some parents who had problems getting their child to use the potty later said that their children turned out to be very bright.

Your child’s interests will start manifesting when they go to preschool. It is said that the social experience offered by interacting with other children at school helps the child identify and relate with something they like naturally. At day childcare facilities, the most common intellectual activity your child will indulge in is drawing shapes. This is aimed at helping the child learn to recognize things, picture them in mind and put them on paper. In addition, it improves their cognitive capabilities so that they may learn how to hold a pen steadily although this knowledge is also essential to help them through daily tasks like using a spoon without being messy. At this stage, you might notice that your child withdraws and indulges in some obsessive activity like repeating the drawings they did earlier or playing a game of their own invention. Others are very social and will want to play with everyone in their vicinity. All these traits should be taken seriously since they will be instrumental in helping you decide on the best ways to handle the child.

supportive parenting

Most people will agree that the most difficult phase of parenting is when a child turn into their teenage years. You will begin touching on sensitive topics like sexuality and bad company which most parents find hard to approach. Apparently, it is at this stage of growth that most parents decide to go for parenting classes.

When to start acquiring parenting skills will depend on several factors. The most relevant is the kind of relationship you have with your spouse. If it is organized in that you first got married and even have plans on when to conceive, you can start earlier by hiring a counselor or attending parenting classes. However, if you are in a steady relationship and just realized that you are expectant you and your spouse need to start learning and preparing immediately. There are a lot of resources on the web which are dedicated to the topic of parenting and other useful bits like activities for kids. Remember, after your first kid, parenting will be a lifelong responsibility since you children will rely on you for advice even they have their own kids.

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Limited Childcare

Consequences of Limited Childcare and how to avoid them

Childcare, including daycare and preschool, is often seen as a sort of necessary evil. No parent wants their child to be with strangers, but at the same time, living expenses require that at least one parent hold down a job, and in many cases it takes both parents working to put food on the table. In some ways childcare only adds to the problems a family is facing, however, because it creates yet another cost. In fact, some childcare facilities charge up to fifteen thousand a year. That’s the equivalent of a year’s salary earning minimum wage. Fortunately you can file childcare as one of your small business tax deductions, provided that you can prove your caretaker is qualified.

Not to mention the fact that childcare requires parents to put their trust in an administration to maintain their children’s wellbeing. Yet six out of ten children spend part of their time in childcare.

For these reasons, if none other, it is important to find the right childcare solution. Parents need responsible, friendly childcare providers, but they also need them cheaply. These seemingly opposed requirements make it somewhat difficult to find the ideal childcare provider. To make matters worse, many families are so busy it’s simply not realistic for them to do the research required to find the ideal candidate.

It is families who find themselves in these situations who benefit the most from a kind of limited childcare. There are three kinds of limited childcare which are commonly used in America. Each has its own positives and negatives.

The first is center-based care. This is the method by which you leave a child at a center designed for childcare and pick them up later. The upside to this kind of daycare is that the caretakers are usually specialists and the facility is designed with children in mind. They will often have movies, toys, and games to keep your children entertained. These centers are generally filled with other children as well, so your child is not likely to feel lonely.

The downside to this kind of limited childcare is that these centers are facilities and your children will have multiple caretakers, who may be stressed and tired from working with children all day. Assuming that they are able to maintain their composure around your children, they are still less likely to give your children the focused attention they need and desire. If you have to go in early or stay late at work there may be issues or additional fees as well, since as a facility, the center will also have an opening and closing time.

The other two types of limited childcare involve private caretakers, and as such have a much greater range than the first. While you can be reasonably certain that the caretakers at a center are drug tested for instance, the same thing isn’t necessarily true regarding private caretakers.

There are two types of private caretakers. Those who come to your home, and those who watch your child in their own homes. The advantage to having a caretaker come to your home should be fairly obvious. As your home is a place of comfort your child they will likely be far more comfortable at home with their things than away at someone else’s house. There is a price difference between caretakers who come to your home and caretakers who stay in theirs but depending on how far you would need to drive to drop your child off, you may save money on gas by going this route.

The final method, which involves leaving your child at the caretaker’s home can work, although there can also be issues involved. Many caretakers who work from home have children of their own. This is great if your child gets along with the caretaker’s as it means your child will have a friend to play with every day. However, nothing guarantees that your child will get along with the caretaker’s children, and the caretaker is likely to feel a bias towards their own children. This brings up the ultimate issue with both kinds of private limited childcare. There aren’t any overseers or other policyholders to govern how they behave, and so you have to put more trust in them to behave themselves. Even assuming the caretaker is able to act in a professional manner, there is something potentially disconcerting about taking your child and giving him or her to another parent who is able to stay home and take care of their own children.

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Is it possible to achieve self determination when working from home?


The answer is yes. To a lot of people especially moms, working from home is definitely worth it. It is a job that allows you to earn an income, take care of your home and family without having to hire someone to help you. Hiring house helps can be quite expensive in some countries. Even in those countries where hiring someone to help around is affordable, there is that feeling of not wanting to trust someone with your home and kids.

Main advantages of working from home:

Self determination

Most office jobs have a frustrating and inadequate amount of income. Working from home has a very rewarding income. There are countless ways to earn money. This is because the earning potential depends on the person. It is not fixed hence you can earn a tidy sum if you work hard and smart. There is a self determination that comes with having an open ability to earn more because no one is stopping you.

Job satisfaction

With the unlimited earning potential, there is definitely a satisfaction that come with that. Most office jobs cannot provide that and people are never settled trying to look for better paying office jobs. This can bring about a lot of stress.

Flexible working hours

Working from home allows planning of your time according to a schedule that suits you and not your boss. You can do your housework, look after the kids and work at whatever time you wish. For those who prefer working at night, there are countless jobs available round the clock. If you are a morning person, you can work in the morning hours and call it a day. Same for those who prefer to work in the afternoons or evenings.

Commuting is eradicated

Most office jobs require one to make exhausting commutes from home to the office on accident prone roads that have crazy traffic jams and rude drivers. This requires the person to wake up early then spend a lot of time to get to the office in traffic jams. The journey back is not any different.

Ability to be your own boss

There is nothing as deeply relieving as working without a boss hovering over your shoulder. Having a boss can sometimes feel like you are still in kindergarten. Some bosses are also very difficult and lord of their workers and create a slave like atmosphere. It is not uncommon for bosses to misuse their power and mandate to make the office unbearable and they prefer you don’t raise any issues because if you do, they will victimize until you quit.

Self determination, job satisfaction, flexible working hours and the ability to be your own boss are just many of the benefits you can enjoy working from home.

Follow these links to see how you can earn a lot of money online from home or whereever you want to be. and

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How to stop bullying


In recent years, the term ‘bullying’ has been used far more often than what it should. People of all ages are being bullied on a daily basis, and the vast majority of these individuals are either too afraid to seek help or are uncertain of what they should do.

One of the most common places in which this problem will occur is in schools. In 2014 alone, a total of 83{8376195f3e11fe7b79595fd7996b9c81f861524e2a126880dfd577a3d56818a3} of school girls are being bullied and 79{8376195f3e11fe7b79595fd7996b9c81f861524e2a126880dfd577a3d56818a3} of boys are receiving the same problem. It has also been reported that at least 160,000 teenagers will refuse to go to school because they are being bullied.

Although there are a wide range of teachers and guidance councillors available to the students if they are suffering from this problem, it has been stated that almost none of these students will seek guidance as they are too afraid of what the consequences may be in the long run.

This particular problem can also relate to adults. A lot of adults also go through similar situations in which students feel. In terms of adults being bullied, this can relate to name calling, threatening, physical violence, and so much more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what your age is, you can still be at risk of being bullied.

Furthermore, throughout this piece we will be looking at different forms of bullying that teenagers, children, and adults can suffer from and how they can resolve the issue.

Therefore, let us get started;

What is bullying?

Bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour that can occur between teenagers, children, and adults. If a particular innocent is being repeated continuously, this is what is also known as being bullied. Some individuals may be getting bullied by one individual, however in other cases; some individuals may be getting bullied by a group. This is known as mobbing. As we have said, there are various types of bullying that can occur. They will be mentioned as followed;

1. – Being made fun of.

2. – Having rumours being spread about you.

3. – Being threatened.

4. – Being pushed or shoved.

5. – Being cyber-bullied.

6. – Being forced to do something that you do not want to do.

7. – Being excluded from activities.

8. – Having personal items destroyed.

Each of these has been experienced by people of all ages. These can occur in school, outside of school, in the workplace, etc., and as a result, it can lead to some serious consequences for the individuals that are being bullied.

What is the outcome for people who are being bullied/have been bullied in the past?

When a particular individual experiences a form of bullying, it can damage your self-esteem, your confidence in standing up for yourself, and it can damage any trust you may have in another individual. In total, at least 14{8376195f3e11fe7b79595fd7996b9c81f861524e2a126880dfd577a3d56818a3} of school students have considered suicide due to being bullied which is a clear example of how someone’s behaviour to another human being can really damage a person’s view on life.

Bullying can cause serious depression in a human being, as well as self-harming or in other cases; it can cause the individual to rely on drugs.

This particular issue is not easy to go through and it is even harder to get out of the situation once you are in it. It can also cause burnout in your body which means your body will experience headaches, muscle pain, exhaustion, a change in your eating and sleeping habits, high blood pressure, and so much more.

If you are being bullied, how can you stop the issue?

In relation to putting a stop to this particular issue, there are many ways to can do this. If you are in school, one of the main individuals that you can talk you is the guidance councillor. These people are there to help you in these particular situations and to put an end to the issue. If you do not feel comfortable in talking to your guidance councillor, you can also talk to any of your teachers or even your principal if you are more comfortable in speaking to them

Another option which would be to talk to someone you trust in order to reduce stress. This could be a friend of yours or a family member. It is so important that you have someone you can rely on and you can turn on and each of the options mentioned above are highly recommended.

These particular options will also relate to adults who may also be getting bullied. Although instead of discussing your problem with a teacher, you can talk to your boss.

How can you overcome your insecurities even if you are not being bullied anymore?

For every individual who has suffered from some kind of bullying will tell you that it all takes time. No matter what it is that you are struggling to overcome, it will go away in time and you will be a better person after it. Even when the bullying has come to an end, you can still talk to someone about how you are feeling because that is so important to do to ensure that you are OK and that you are not holding any emotions in.

Bullying can and will be stopped for the sake of this final stress relief, all you have to do is seek help.

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How to reduce stress

Stress reduction

Stress seems never ending making people think there is nothing they can do about it. Your bills won’t stop being posted and family responsibilities are always demanding making your day hours less. But the truth is you have more control over your stress than you may think. The simple realization that you are in control is the best foundation laid in managing or reducing stress. In order to achieve stress relief one needs to take care of his or her own emotions, thoughts, problems and schedules.

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Identify where your Stress is stemming from

In order to reduce stress one needs to identify the main causes of stress in their life. The task is hard as the sources are not as obvious as one may think. One may easily overlook their feelings, thought and emotions responsible for high stress levels.

After one has completed isolating his actual stress causing factors in life and accepting responsibility they now take the next step. Without accepting responsibility for your own stress, managing it will always be out of your own reach.

How to reduce stress

Stress reduction can be achieved through several relaxation techniques that are proven scientifically to handle stress. Relaxation entails peace of mind which interns reduces effects of stress on your body. Below are just but samples of the relaxation techniques used in reducing levels of stress:

1.Progressive relaxation

This method employs use of fingers up to toes by tensing and releasing each muscle group in your body. The muscles include the lower arm, upper arm, chest, back and abdominal. Once the whole body is relaxed the mind will also follow. This will greatly reduce the stress level an individual is encountering.

2. Writing Out

Keep any form of writing can be a very effective way to relieve stress and its related symptoms due to the reflective and meditative power of writing. A journal can greatly aid an individual to put thoughts into perspective, one should select a certain time each day to write the things that make him/her happy.

3. Walking

Taking a quiet and meditative stroll alone can do great wonders in reducing your stress level. During such strolls try not to walk quickly by taking the pace that suits you and makes you feel natural. These strolls will greatly enable you manage any stress you are experiencing as they let your body relax.

4. Taking a nap

Studies have also shown that naps have an effect on stress as they reduce the levels of cortisol in your body which intern aids in lowering stress. Take regular naps at your own time of convenience to help you reduce your stress.

5. Meditation

Research has shown that meditation has great effect on relieving stress as it alter the neural pathway of the brain making one more flexible in handling stress. Meditation entails focusing your attention on something while reciting it. The phrase recited is always a positive mantra which helps one to appreciate who they are. This technique simply lets the negative thoughts in their mind flow by like water.

6. Taking deep breaths

Focus on your breathing for a period of like 5-10 minutes while sitting upright with your eyes closed and your hands place on your stomach region. Proceed by slowly inhaling air through the nose, following the breath from start in your abdomen to the top of your head. These deep breathes counter the stress effect by simply lowering your heart beat and blood pressure as well.

7. Indulge in Yoga

Yoga employs several breathing techniques in its poses which makes it a very effective activity in stress reduction. Yoga goes a long way to reduce an individual’s stress level and is commonly being prescribed to counteract the effects of stress in both the body and mind.

8. Music

Studies have pointed to various ways in which music can be used to reduce stress. They can trigger biochemical stress managers or reducers in the body to offer help in stress treatment. This is mostly employed in medical procedures related stress.

9. Drink tea and chew

Taking tea is also a proven method of lowering post-stress cortisol levels and improving the general feeling of relaxation. Chewing gums also go a long way in reducing cortisol levels which is very vital in stress management.


These relaxation methods go hand in hand with other methods of stress reduction to reap the maximum possible benefits. One should also avoid being a victim of mobbing or bullying in the case of children or even adult in some cases. Adults should avoid burnout as they lead to increased stress levels.