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What a spouse needs to know about parenting


Becoming a parent for the first is exciting and at the same time overwhelming. So much is expected from a spouse especially the mother. You are guaranteed of sleepless nights, too much running up and down is expected of the father, and everyone begins to get caught up by the visitor in the family. Different childcare advices from different people start streaming in- even from strangers on how hold, feed or burp the newborn. This is when spouse wish that their newborn could have at least come with a manual.


But the best thing about kids is that they grow very fast. As kids grow, always be there for them and be a good role model to them. As a spouse, each one of you has a role to play in the kid’s life as he or she develops. Like sponges, kids tend to do whatever their parents are doing. Always do good things and your child will do the same. This applies to your hobbies as well. Expose your kids to everything that you think it will have a positive impact in their lives including your hobbies. It will be a bonding opportunity for you and your kids in case they end up liking your some of your hobbies.

Choosing the right fun activities for your kids go a long way with ensuring that their safety is checked remembering also that this could be their future career. There are many things you can leave your kids to play with while you maneuver with house chores but you should remember that not everything around the house is safe for them. You can let your two-year son build small houses with Legos which is very enjoyable to him but dangerous at the same time because he can swallow a Lego. Or your long-curled hair daughter might be playing with his big brothers toys which might be too heavy for her.

The bottom line is to spend some time assessing the playing needs of the kid. Does whatever he plays with make him happy? Does it compromise his safety? You can also gauge their strengths and weakness through an art activity. Let him create figures using either clay or sticks and if you see some excitement during this activity, consider nurturing him in art.

When it comes to kids’ birthdays, every spouse is proud seeing their kid moving on to the next year in life. This means that good work has been done and the kid is in good shape that he or she made it to the next year. Planning for birthday parties; the venue, activities and of course the clean up afterwards is tedious. And again going back to the same old place each year to celebrate a birthday is boring. A change of scenery makes the celebration worthwhile; you can decide to host the party at the gymnastic studio, or at an indoor sports center, also little girls could really enjoy a salon/spa experience or you can take them to a nature center where they can learn more about the fauna and flora, do nature walks and have an outdoor picnic. You should always take family pictures especially during birthdays. This is a way of showing your kids that you had interest in them even in their early ages.

The kid has grown and is ready to join school, there come the hustle of finding the best school for your child which usually not an easy task. As a spouse, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider before picking a school for your child. Practically, the school should be near your residential area- select one that you pass along as you head to work. Long distance travelling, the traffic can be so tiring to the kid and they’ll always arrive in school late which is not motivating to you as a parent and to your kid as well.

You should also choose a school that appeal to your standards; scrutinize their philosophy, standards, and values. Are they in line with your belief system at home? Does the teacher-student ratio appeal to you? What is their average class size? School facilities- are they of good quality? Do they have the basic facilities like a library with age-appropriate books, an auditorium, a clinic, a clean cafeteria, and physical education facilities which must be spacious? Do they have a security alarm system and an alert team? As a parent, it feels safe knowing that your child is in safe hands while in school- it gives you a peace of mind. In a nutshell, these are the most important factors you need to consider before enrolling your kid to any school.

You should also consider the school’s selection process to know the kind of children your kid is going to interact with. The characteristics, response behaviors, personality,  perceived expertise and learning styles of the school you are going to enroll your child. If for instance your kid is interested in art, dance, music, drama or any other activity, be sure to enroll your kid to a school that nurtures such an interest as early as possible.

Above all, you should not forget to go on dates even as the kids grow. When kids come, everything changes; no more weekend getaway, night outs, or dates. Instead: more time with family.


This is because every spouse would feel bad leaving behind their kids but it actually gives the two of you an opportunity to rekindle your love, do grown up stuff to keep your relationship healthy, relax and to refresh yourselves.

more time with family

Top Activities for Kids

Best-Loved Activities for Kids


Kids love playing, but for parents who want their children to also learn and develop, why not combine these two goals? Childcare doesn’t have be a chore, and activities for kids can be both engaging and also skill-building. Some of these activities are a great way to spark a child’s curiosity, build a new skill, and encourage healthy development. 

Enjoy Crafts Together

Kids love craft activities, especially when they get to enjoy playing with and having the final product. One of the favorite crafts to make is bird houses. Most home improvement stores sell bird house kits that can be easily assembled at home, and help kids improve motor skills and work on their design abilities. After the bird house has been assembled, kids can be creative and paint the houses, adding fun designs to the theme. Not only is this craft idea skill-building, it also provides years of enjoyment as birds come and nest in these houses. When bird houses are not an option, consider other crafts such as paper-mache, making paper flower, ornaments, or other small crafts. 

Stage the Olympics

This fun activity can be done with parents and spouses as well as kids for a fun way to be active throughout the year. It may even be a good idea when childcare is involved since this activity works best with a group of kids. Stage the games with races, relays, and other fun events. The games don’t have to be the same as the regular olympics and can be as varied as possible. As a spouse make sure to set aside a few hours for this activity and have fun prizes or medals for the winning team at the end to help motivate the kids to participate. 

Volunteer Locally

Activities for kids don’t just have to be fun, they can also be a good way to encourage kids to give back to their communities. For kids who may seem reluctant to volunteer, look into volunteering at a local animal adoption organization. Kids who enjoy animals may be more excited about this activity and be willing to put in a few hours a week playing with animals and helping out as needed. It’s never to early to learn about the importance of volunteering, so make this activity possible for kids when available. There are many ways to volunteer, even at a young age. 

Cook Meals Together

During the younger years, kids are learning and exploring more, so why not take these adventures to the kitchen? Make this a complete activity by having kids choose a fun recipe and then take them shopping to pick up the ingredients. If possible, pick out a recipe that may be specific to an international country and then visit an ethnic grocery store to find the ingredients needed. The interesting spices and new flavors are a great way for kids to find out more about the world. They’ll also pick up some basic skills in the kitchen by helping prepare and cook the dishes. 

Plant a Garden

For parents who enjoy gardening, kids often don’t seem all that interested. However, when they become responsible for having their own section of the garden, they may find their green thumb! Encourage this skill by explaining that they can each have a small area of the garden where they can plant anything they want. Take the kids to a local gardening store and help them pick out seedlings, flower seeds, or anything else that they want to grow. Then, let them be mostly responsible for planting and caring for their small garden, although provide any help as needed. This activity is a great way to encourage responsibility with kids and also let them see how their hard work pays off when they start to see vegetables growing or end up with beautiful flowers and plants.

Vary the Activities

Some of these activities for kids are better off in the summer months while others could be done year round. However, it’s important to engage children in a variety of activities to keep their minds and bodies active. Use these ideas or think of other ones in the area to promote fun learning at every stage of life. Kids will enjoy taking part, and they’ll also learn some valuable skills along the way.

So look forward to spend more time with family and do good parenting!


more time with family

Manual for parenting

Parenting and childcare: When do you start learning?

Parenting is perhaps the most demanding responsibilities nature heaves upon higher creatures and especially on us humans. It is said that a child’s future will heavily depend on how they were brought up and this could not be more true if you were to review the lives of people who grew up under no rules either because their parents were not so much concerned or they were not available for a good part of the child’s youth. So spend more time with family (hint, hint, …). Everyone wants to bring up a respectable lady or a gentleman of means but as easy as it sounds, such an undertaking is not your daily walk in the park. Just to cite some few hurdles, you have to try and discover the child’s talent so that you may start investing in it early, provide the best nutrition and save for college. There are a lot of things to learn but when exactly do you start exploring this topic?

While it is shocking for some, other couples will smile at the news of a coming child. Apparently, this is where parenting starts and if no one told you, most of it is about making decisions and choices for a young mind which is incapable of such feats. For instance, when you and your spouse are expecting a child the first thing you should be concerned about is its health. Most people will obsess with nutrition but other things like the child’s growth pattern are important to. Of course you can rely on your doctor to discover irregularities but you too have a role to play. Just to give an example, it is only an observant parent who can discover their child’s allergies, flaws in their cognitive system, social capabilities and others which are related to growth.

If you will be successful to bring up a child to the stage where they can start using the potty, then you can start gaining control over their behavior and manners. You however, have to note that children learn at different rates and while it might take some just a few weeks to adapt to the potty, others will take extremely long. However, you should not start making speculations about the child’s intellectual capabilities based on potty training. Some parents who had problems getting their child to use the potty later said that their children turned out to be very bright.

Your child’s interests will start manifesting when they go to preschool. It is said that the social experience offered by interacting with other children at school helps the child identify and relate with something they like naturally. At day childcare facilities, the most common intellectual activity your child will indulge in is drawing shapes. This is aimed at helping the child learn to recognize things, picture them in mind and put them on paper. In addition, it improves their cognitive capabilities so that they may learn how to hold a pen steadily although this knowledge is also essential to help them through daily tasks like using a spoon without being messy. At this stage, you might notice that your child withdraws and indulges in some obsessive activity like repeating the drawings they did earlier or playing a game of their own invention. Others are very social and will want to play with everyone in their vicinity. All these traits should be taken seriously since they will be instrumental in helping you decide on the best ways to handle the child.

supportive parenting

Most people will agree that the most difficult phase of parenting is when a child turn into their teenage years. You will begin touching on sensitive topics like sexuality and bad company which most parents find hard to approach. Apparently, it is at this stage of growth that most parents decide to go for parenting classes.

When to start acquiring parenting skills will depend on several factors. The most relevant is the kind of relationship you have with your spouse. If it is organized in that you first got married and even have plans on when to conceive, you can start earlier by hiring a counselor or attending parenting classes. However, if you are in a steady relationship and just realized that you are expectant you and your spouse need to start learning and preparing immediately. There are a lot of resources on the web which are dedicated to the topic of parenting and other useful bits like activities for kids. Remember, after your first kid, parenting will be a lifelong responsibility since you children will rely on you for advice even they have their own kids.

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Parent care for the child preferred

Childcare is a very diverse subject of discussion. Norms governing this matter are determined by a wide range of factors that may include geographical location, religious affiliations, cultural practices and even government regulation. However, there is a general consensus that children are a beautiful gift must be esteemed and cared for. Generally, childcare is defined as the act of looking after a child or children. It may involve supervision and the basic nurturing of a young one. This encompasses both the parental role of a guardian as well as the professional role that may involve babysitting, professional daycare centers or hired help such as a nanny.

This subject raises a lot of controversial issues with strong opinions being aired concerning the right way to bring up a child. Political issues have found way into attempting to create the correct protocol to follow in order to raise a child who is morally upright. Different socio-economic classes will have a disparity in opinions on who should care for a child and how. Further difference of opinions arises with specific communities and their practices. Questions are constantly raised on whether children should be raised in the same traditions that the parents belong to or be allowed to choose as they grow in understanding.

Professional vs Parental Childcare

With the rise in the standards of living, it has become necessary for everyone to step up to contribute to the family’s wellbeing. Both mothers and fathers find themselves working daily and therefore, it is necessary to find someone to care for their child. This situation inspires indignation in those that believe that good parents would stay at home. The situation is a complex web of opinions and situations. However, it’s in the popular conviction that the key to raising a child right is giving them good and healthy conditions for a safe and secure upbringing. Whether by a professional or a parent, parenting is about offering the best.

Parental care is presented as the best option for every child. There are benefits of a stay-at-home parent. This option offers the child consistency as opposed to a caregiver who may find a better position and move on. It is emotionally and mentally better for a child to have that kind of stability. For some homes, it is cheaper to have one parent care for the child than hiring a professional. With the rise in demand of child care professionals, the cost has become unmanageable for a lot of families. A lot of these parents enjoy planning activities for kids but may find it hard to detach as they grow. A working spouse should also make herself available for the child to encourage healthy growth.

Choosing a Professional

When choosing a caregiver for the child, it is important to have the best. This hired professional will be spending a great deal of time with the young one. Whether it is in a daycare center or home care, there are factors to consider. It is important to research and interact with prospective caregivers. Ensure that they are sufficiently qualified and with appropriate qualifications and references. Their interaction with a child or children should be tactile and warm. This helps a child grow in all aspects. Inquire for an ideal program by which children under their care follows. It should have both fun and educational activities. Following parental instinct is important before finally making a decision.


Most parents may have a hard time leaving their child to another individual. To ease the mind, a parent should call as frequently as they wish to check out the situation. Sometimes, it is hard to accept a change in the structure of both the child’s and the parent’s life and this may cause emotional tension. However, no matter how hard acceptance is, it is essential to remember that the caregiver is there for comfort not as a tyrant. On the other hand having more time with family would be much better.

Discipline Policies

Choosing a form of discipline that works and is not emotionally harmful to the child is an integral part of childcare. Organizations involved in children’s welfare have for long been fighting against destructive punishments. Corporal punishment has been made illegal in most parts of the world due to the harshness it presents. Other countries have illegalized the very popular time out in childcare centers. Methods of discipline chosen should always be aimed at positive guidance and redirecting the energy to more constructive activities.