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The benefits of being your own boss

Be your Own Boss – The Benefits

What’s better, to be the employee, or be your own boss?

A lot of people find themselves in fix when deciding whether they should seek employment, or start their own business. These two are quite balanced as they both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. And although at the end of the day one has the right to choose what befits them best, it’s very clear that being your own boss is highly advantageous unlike being employed. The top six main reasons why choosing to be your own boss is beneficial include:

Ability to have flexible work hours:

As your own boss, you have the ability to dictate the hours when you’ll be working. One is therefore never constrained by the usual 9 to 5 time frame as is the case with the regular day jobs. Instead, you can choose to start your day at the office at any time of the day or night. More importantly is that these hours don’t have to be consistent. For instance, on Monday you can start working at noon, on Tuesday at the very early hours in the morning, on Wednesday you can work during the late night hours, and so on. The number of hours you spend working won’t even mean much to you since you’ll be doing something that you love.

High degree of job satisfaction:

Being your own boss, you are a lot more capable of reaping what your sow’ and enjoying it to the fullest. This is because all of the hardwork put into the business transforms into profits. So unlike the case where an employee’s hardwork is merely rewarded by a pat on the back, a meagre pay rise or promotion, as the main owner, you will enjoy all of the profits by yourself, and in the ways that you desire. The satisfaction also comes by when executing any creative ideas. Since you won’t be required to run any of these ideas to your superior as is the case with employees, the results will be achieved within a shorter timeframe. At the end of the day, you are bound to be more fulfilled and proud of yourself once you see how rewarding your hardwork is.

Protection against unemployment:

Being the boss, the one thing that’s always going to be guaranteed is that you’re never going to lose your job. Even if the business doesn’t do well enough, you’ll continue holding your position. It’s through this guarantee that you will give the very best to ensure that the business gets back on its feet. It’s hence evident that if one has all the control in the business, their desire to achieve and work towards the greater good of their business will be enhanced.

Opens up Business networking opportunities:

As the boss, you’ll be required to conduct all of the business transactions; from marketing to advertizing, and from accounting to management. This will see you working with all kinds of professionals and also your customers/clients at a more personal level. Despite it being tasking, it’s highly advantageous as it’ll help you create and build contracts that can come in handy towards the growth of the business.

No more commuting:

Becoming your own boss will significantly reduce the number of hours or minutes wasted everyday on the road, while driving to and from work. This is mainly because many self-made bosses have a preference of working from their home offices. By it being convenient and easier to access, you’ll not only end up saving on gas but also on time; which is of great importance more so when building your new empire.

Early retirement:

Self-employed individuals are highly favored by the retirement plans as they enable them save more towards their 401 (k) retirement accounts. If the business is doing well, you can maker higher contributions per year thereby enabling you to retire early, if you so wish, now that you will have saved enough. This is unlike the case with employees whose accounts have a limit on how much one can contribute.

Additionally, you are bound to develop exemplary traits such as diligence, diplomacy, frugality, reliability and punctuality, which could be of great help to the business in the long run. But at the same time, to be your own boss, you ought to be very self disciplined, patient, very hard working and innovative.


self determination

Is it possible to achieve self determination when working from home?


The answer is yes. To a lot of people especially moms, working from home is definitely worth it. It is a job that allows you to earn an income, take care of your home and family without having to hire someone to help you. Hiring house helps can be quite expensive in some countries. Even in those countries where hiring someone to help around is affordable, there is that feeling of not wanting to trust someone with your home and kids.

Main advantages of working from home:

Self determination

Most office jobs have a frustrating and inadequate amount of income. Working from home has a very rewarding income. There are countless ways to earn money. This is because the earning potential depends on the person. It is not fixed hence you can earn a tidy sum if you work hard and smart. There is a self determination that comes with having an open ability to earn more because no one is stopping you.

Job satisfaction

With the unlimited earning potential, there is definitely a satisfaction that come with that. Most office jobs cannot provide that and people are never settled trying to look for better paying office jobs. This can bring about a lot of stress.

Flexible working hours

Working from home allows planning of your time according to a schedule that suits you and not your boss. You can do your housework, look after the kids and work at whatever time you wish. For those who prefer working at night, there are countless jobs available round the clock. If you are a morning person, you can work in the morning hours and call it a day. Same for those who prefer to work in the afternoons or evenings.

Commuting is eradicated

Most office jobs require one to make exhausting commutes from home to the office on accident prone roads that have crazy traffic jams and rude drivers. This requires the person to wake up early then spend a lot of time to get to the office in traffic jams. The journey back is not any different.

Ability to be your own boss

There is nothing as deeply relieving as working without a boss hovering over your shoulder. Having a boss can sometimes feel like you are still in kindergarten. Some bosses are also very difficult and lord of their workers and create a slave like atmosphere. It is not uncommon for bosses to misuse their power and mandate to make the office unbearable and they prefer you don’t raise any issues because if you do, they will victimize until you quit.

Self determination, job satisfaction, flexible working hours and the ability to be your own boss are just many of the benefits you can enjoy working from home.

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self determination

How to reduce costs of commuting


Most job opportunities are based in urban centers making it necessary for workers to travel daily. Basically, a commuter is anyone who has to regularly travel from a residential home to a place of work. However, the use of word has been extended to include students who have to travel for full-time study or anyone who travels regularly even when none of the mentioned activities are involved. The distance travelled, time taken to do so and means of transport are some of the varying situations for commuters all over the world. The major concern for this group is the expenses incurred in daily travel and its general effect on their monthly budget. This has led to some people considering alternatives.

Due to the large numbers of people commuting every day, several platforms have been raised to monitor the situation on the travel routes. In addition, studying the data presented by commuters depending on their geographical location, the density of the residential area they travel to and from as well as their transportation means has borne results. Government planners have been able to predict more accurately the needs created such as peak travel requirements, the consequence of the pressure put on the transportation infrastructure and are able to evaluate the necessary changes needed to improve the situation.

Working at Home

With increase in commuters, workers have chosen to take other routes towards having job satisfaction and avoiding all the pressures involved in transportation systems. Some choose to be their own boss by searching for independent jobs instead of working for a specific person while others are employed telecommuters who do not go to a central place of work. There are a wide range of reasons why these workers choose this form of work situation. There are many advantages posed by this scheme over commuting. Without the problems facing commuters on the roads, railways, tubes and even non-motorists, there is increased productivity and it is inarguably better for the environment. The flexibility of working hours is perhaps why there is a rise of teleworkers. When you choose to be your own boss, you will avoid a wide range of commuter inconveniences.

Problems Related to Commuting

Major problems related to the transport industry are concentrated in urban areas due to the wide range of economic activities. There are personal and public issues arising from regular and frequent travel. Some health concerns are raised. Daily and prolonged driving may cause muscoskeletal disorders and aggravate the blood pressure. It also increases the risk of getting heart problems related to stress. Use of public transport also heightens the risk of contracting communicable diseases such as the flu. Moreover, long commutes put a lot of pressure on the mental and emotional wellbeing of a person and it will often cause resentment for the work place, tiredness during business hours, poor performance, depression and even increased anger issues.

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On a larger scale, there are notable commuting problems. Congestion is the most prevalent problem posed. With increased ownership of motor vehicles, traffic has become extremely problematic and need for parking areas in the cities has increased as well. Traffic jams caused on the roads increase the time taken to reach the destination and consequently, the costs related. It also causes loss of public space as some motorists attempt to gain advantage over others by finding alternate routes. The freight distribution system has found its way into the cities and shares the same transport network as regular commuters. Though the industry contributes in enhancing the economy globally, it increases problems on the road and is highly problematic to people driving smaller automobiles. All this increases strain on the environment due to Carbon (IV) Oxide emissions as well as other greenhouse gases that are quickly changing the planet through global warming and related effects.

There is an increase in personal automobile dependency due to the need for comfort, convenience, costs and even status. They are believed to be superior to public transport. The increase in number of these automobiles can be attributed to increased quality of life, personal preferences and cost-effective suburban houses. The government also contributes by dedicating more resources towards improvement of roads and parking instead of public transports or creating alternatives to commuting. With proper encouragement, people will be more attracted to the possibility of working remotely instead of the urban centers or on the basis of flexible working hours.

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How to improve Job Satisfaction

Improving Job Satisfaction


Because most people spend a significant amount of their lives working, job satisfaction is a key area to consider when making career choices. There has been extensive research done to help determine what’s important in jobs and a few key components seem to be the difference between a job that’s truly enjoyed and one that is just a way to make ends meet. 

Healthy Working Environment

This means that the working conditions are clean and well-lit. Each employee has adequate space and the proper equipment needed to complete the work in a timely manner. Because many people don’t find that they enjoy the traditional work environment, they often work from home in a home office or similar space. This option offers flexible working hours which can lead to a healthier work environment as well. In addition to letting each employee be responsible for his or her time, it also provides the opportunity to work efficiently and not be on a set schedule which can lead to greater job satisfaction overall.


Responsibility in a career is the belief that people are responsible for heir own actions and indicates that they are trusted. When people feel as though they have more responsibility, they have greater job satisfaction. When you have the chance to be your own boss, you tend to work harder because you feel more invested in the outcome of that work. A good employer will help instill this feeling of responsibility in each employee. Also, for a self-employed person, this responsibility is probably already present on a regular basis. 

Reasonable Working Time

People who spend too much time at work generally do not feel satisfied because they have little time to devote with other pursuits and enjoyments in life. This is one of the reasons why most people enjoy working an 8-hour day or sometimes even less. This time frame tends to be fairly consistent and studies have shown that working longer hours does not generally increase overall productivity. Also, people tend to enjoy living close to where they work. Commuting for an hour a day is seen as a significant amount of time and can detract from overall satisfaction in a career. In these cases, working from home or only going into the office on an occasional basis is desirable if possible. 

job satisfaction

Meaningful Work

This area of career satisfaction is fairly easy to understand because people generally want to know that what they’re doing is important and adds value to the world. If someone cannot see the bigger picture in their daily work, they won’t feel as invested or as satisfied. Since many people work in smaller areas of a company, they may not ever realize the full impact that they have in that company. Employers can help boost moral and increase employee satisfaction by reminding them on a consistent basis of the company’s goals and what the company has accomplished, reminding employees that they’ve played a vital role in every major action. 

Chances to Learn

In the initial months and even years of working, most people are going to be learning how their position works and figuring out the company. However, after they’ve mastered this aspect of their job, they will be interested in learning more and growing through company. Many companies offer regular training programs so that they can promote from within. This is a great strategy that benefits both companies and employees. Even if these opportunities are not available in every department, a good business will still offer their employees chances to learn and increase their knowledge. Paying for conference fees, offering classes, and providing access to other learning tools are great strategies that some of the top companies offer their employees on a regular basis. 

All of these areas contribute to overall job satisfaction. While stability and consistency used to be the major factors for satisfaction, the two elements that are continuing to become more important are flexibility and personal freedom. Because of this, many people are choosing to work from home, or start their own businesses. Even in the traditional work force, many companies allow flexibility with their employees and don’t have strict scheduling requirements. Allowing greater freedom for employees ultimately improves satisfaction and is an important area for every company to consider.

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Guide to successfully working from home

Successful online businesses that make money are very much like successful land based businesses. They both have certain principles that guided them to their successes and that continue to guide them to greater heights. While they say there is no blue-print to working from home success, there are certain guidelines to be followed so as to ensure your online business idea stands as great a chance of succeeding as it possibly can. We are going to look into the three most basic but absolutely essential keys to succeeding at work from home employment.

Key 1: Find your niche.

Just like with any business, you need to find the right niche. Find a problem or a need that is not being met in that particular market and provide a purchasable solution. The old adage of ‘if you build it, they’ll come’ might be true and wise but in this technologically advanced world we live in, customers have become desensitized, thanks to constant ‘in their face’ marketing. Chances are there are a million people plus their next door neighbor always trying to sell them something. What you need to do is build it, because you know they need it, yet it is not being offered or even if it is being offered, then the standard of quality leaves a lot to be desired. The next step is to find the common ground, where the people who are already looking for the service you are offering or the people who need it the most often gather online. These are places like forums, social network groups and such, take your solution to them, then they will come. Working from home requires quite a bit of research, but you should be accustomed to this by now. Every entrepreneur will tell you that opening a business without the necessary proper research is like testing the depth of the river with both feet. This will leave you sinking, broke and dead in the water. You need the proper, accurate research. Affiliate platforms may help you doing this research. They measure the gravity of affiliate products and services you may promote. Make sure you know the market well and make sure that your product or service has been tested in a controlled group that represents the niche. Successful testing indicates the viability of your idea which means you have a greater chance of succeeding should the results be duplicated in the wider customer base.

Key 2: Build a smart website.

This cannot be stressed enough! The best home based businesses have great websites. The quality of your website is key when it comes to web businesses. Remember, this is your virtual store front as far as the world and your consumers are concerned. It needs to be of the highest quality. Both technically and esthetically. You need a site that is easy to navigate, a site that has a great user interface so that every client that comes on can find their way around to whatever bit of information or page they want without getting frustrated, a site that loads fast and is not full of unnecessary animations and images. Contrary to common belief, flashing lights and funny background music on a website doesn’t make it attractive, it makes it obnoxious and ‘scammy’ looking. Your site needs to be professionally done with all the necessary SEO (search engine optimisation) assets put in place and the separate pages clearly demarcated and easy to find. Just like you would want your land based office or store in a high rise building or a lovely part of town that is frequented by buying customers, so should you want your website to reflect your professionalism and unique style. Building the best home business without a great website will be a tall order. Hint: You don’t have to do all those tasks by yourself. Outsourcing tasks that you feel are too time consuming or where you are not good at can be an immense leverage if done correctly.

Key 3: Drive in the traffic.

Once you have found your niche and build that perfect website, it is time to drive in the traffic and not just any traffic, buyers. This is easier said than done. The first thing you need to do is make sure your site has relevant and credible information. This greatly helps with search engine algorithms that crawl the net for different keywords to bring users’ results. Your page ranking on places like Google and Yahoo greatly affects the amount of generic traffic you will get. Furthermore, having credible and relevant content on your site establishes you as an industry expert. This is an invaluable attribute for an online business owner. Once you have established yourself as the ‘go to’ information source for whatever ails your market niche, you have cemented yourself and your business as indispensable components of that niche.

drive traffic


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There are several ways create work from home employment. What you need to know is that working from home can be very lucrative and it can also be very frustrating. You need to be absolutely sure that it is what you want before jumping in. As mentioned earlier, these are the most basic and yet essential keys to making your online entrepreneurship successful. Every successful online business like eBay, Amazon and Paypal have all followed these key steps.

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The Top 5 Ideas For Women Who Want To Work From Home

Let’s face it , nobody really likes the idea of working from 9 to 5, particularly when their boss doesn’t appreciate their input or when their salary is just enough to pay their bills . Click here to access the video… Worse still is that a 9-5 job sucks, it apparently takes away time that one should be spending with their family and it also involves commuting on a daily basis as well. But the good news is that all this can certainly become a thing of the past only if you choose to work from your home as a home-based entrepreneur. However, there are so many women out there who really want to be entrepreneurs but they are unable to figure out the best job to do from their homes. This is definitely because most of them run short of home-based ideas and hence there are unable to figure out what can actually work best for them. If you are among this group of women that runs short of home business ideas, here are 5 great working from home ideas for women that will place you on the road to choosing the best home-business idea that will suit you and your family as well.

1. Freelance writer

Do you have a knack of writing quality content or are you passionate about writing? If yes, it is time you quit that job that you hate so much and then start working from the comfort of your home as a freelance writer. If you are online savvy, you must have noted that there are so many sites on the web that are in constant need of quality content. working from home The owners of these sites are ready to hire you and pay you handsomely. As a freelance writer, opportunities are endless and it all depends on the quality of work that you will produce. You can write anything ranging from ebooks, blog/ website content to resume.

2. Affiliate marketer

Do you have a background in internet marketing? Then you have what it takes to work as a seasoned affiliate marketer from home. affiliate marketer working from home There are so many companies out there who want affiliate marketers to promote their product and services at a commission on each service or product that is sold via affiliate link. And you can see why you are a good fit if you have a background in affiliate marketing.

3. Babysitter

If you are fond of babies, then there is no better time than there is now for you to work as a babysitter. working from home as a babysitter There are so many parents out there whose their schedule can’t allow them to stay at home and take care of their kids. You just need to notify such parents that you are indeed available for babysitting. Your job will simply be helping them with taking good care of their kids.

4. Life coach

working from home life coach Do you posses a wealth of knowledge in a specific area such as PR, time management or career guidance? You can then make a decent living working as a home-based life coach. You will never be wanting for money or work all year round.

5. Bookkeeper

book keeper working from home Are you an organized mother who has unrivaled ability to pay attention to details. If yes, you are well poised to work from home as a bookkeeper. Your job will be assisting business owners with organizing and inputting their monthly expenses and income.

With these 5 working from home ideas at your fingertips, you are a step closer to becoming a home-based entrepreneur