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What Is Mobbing, How Does It Affect You, And How Do You Save Yourself From It?

What Is Mobbing, How Does It Affect You, And How Do You Save Yourself From It? Find Out

People have often used the words ‘’bullying and mobbing’’ interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing? Well, the former means a repeated pattern of intrusive, violational behavior directed towards a single or multiple targets. It may involve criticizing them, refusing to value/acknowledge them, discredit or undermine them, among a host of other negative behaviors.

Mobbing is used in continental Europe, and it means a victim is selected by a group of individuals and bullied. However, every group features a ring leader, who may have a distinct trait. For instance, if they are an extrovert, they will make it clear who is pushing the group to do what they are doing.

On the other hand, if they are introverted, they may hide in the background while doing what they do best – coercing members of the group to bully their target. Introverts are said to be very dangerous and canning! In a situation where mobbing is about to take place, the ringleader will incite his/her supporters, copycat, or cohort inexperienced, unenlightened, immature or emotionally unstable group members with poor values, to attack the identified victim.

Through inflicting adversarial interactions with the victim, the chief bully derives pleasure. This leads to mutually-assured destruction, in which the chief bully finds intense gratification. In fact, this is a trait shown by most psychopathic personalities.

Another aspect of psychopathic bullies is that they home in on the wannabe types. These are also considered non-psychopathic, less vigorous bullies, who only need empowerment to reach to where they crave to be. When this category of people teams up with the psychopathic chief bullies, they tend to learn how to attain the position of power and authority, which by the way, they’ve craved for for so long. Once the above ideals are met, they become a slave of the master, i.e. the senior psychopathic bully. In other words, they deteriorate in wit while becoming compliant puppets. Even at the workplace, these people make excellent clones & drones. A wannabe clearly lacks the qualifications of being where they are.

Furthermore, they also lack the intellect which would make them understand the nature or manner of their compliant sub-subservience.

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When mobbing takes place, the target will be deceived into retaliatory mode by fighting, blaming or even trying to hold accountable minor bullies of the team. At this point, the chief bully is nowhere to be seen, so they won’t face the blame. This is interesting because the chief psychopathic bully will keep slipping away unnoticed every time, and that’s because he/she makes people believe that he/she is not the monster. And by the way, it’s hard to tell if they were somehow involved in the vice.

Furthermore, this is the main reason why many wife-batterers and pedophiles succeed in evading accountability and sanction by the authorities, so their behavior could thrive even for decades. These people look very charming at first sight. They may also pretend to be plausible or naïve, inexperienced or uneducated people. It is easy to take them for people who have never experienced mobbing before.

You will find them in Human Resource Department They’ve mastered their art, and are very smart in the game of capturing people within the human resource and management department, thereby converting them into a team of mobbing experts who can be manipulated others i.e. made puppets to burnout junior employees within the organization.   To reduce stress associated with mobbing, the rule of the thumb is to identify the real source, which would be the chief bully in this case.

Concentration should be put towards holding the ringleader accountable for his silent but canning actions in order to finally accomplish stress relief. However, keep in mind that this is not going to be a walk in the park, why? They are obviously going to launch a retaliatory attack against you, thanks to their vast network of puppets that can be manipulated easily. So expect a thriving mobbing activities and a fast-expanding web of deceit ganging up against you. If this won’t work, you might consider leaving so that these people don’t ruin your health, your career and even life. However, in the event that the ringleader is exposed and forced to leave, the aggression, dysfunction, and the negative feelings planted by them is likely to haunt the place for years. But eventually, it dissipates, so everything moves on as it is.

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How to stop bullying


In recent years, the term ‘bullying’ has been used far more often than what it should. People of all ages are being bullied on a daily basis, and the vast majority of these individuals are either too afraid to seek help or are uncertain of what they should do.

One of the most common places in which this problem will occur is in schools. In 2014 alone, a total of 83{8376195f3e11fe7b79595fd7996b9c81f861524e2a126880dfd577a3d56818a3} of school girls are being bullied and 79{8376195f3e11fe7b79595fd7996b9c81f861524e2a126880dfd577a3d56818a3} of boys are receiving the same problem. It has also been reported that at least 160,000 teenagers will refuse to go to school because they are being bullied.

Although there are a wide range of teachers and guidance councillors available to the students if they are suffering from this problem, it has been stated that almost none of these students will seek guidance as they are too afraid of what the consequences may be in the long run.

This particular problem can also relate to adults. A lot of adults also go through similar situations in which students feel. In terms of adults being bullied, this can relate to name calling, threatening, physical violence, and so much more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what your age is, you can still be at risk of being bullied.

Furthermore, throughout this piece we will be looking at different forms of bullying that teenagers, children, and adults can suffer from and how they can resolve the issue.

Therefore, let us get started;

What is bullying?

Bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour that can occur between teenagers, children, and adults. If a particular innocent is being repeated continuously, this is what is also known as being bullied. Some individuals may be getting bullied by one individual, however in other cases; some individuals may be getting bullied by a group. This is known as mobbing. As we have said, there are various types of bullying that can occur. They will be mentioned as followed;

1. – Being made fun of.

2. – Having rumours being spread about you.

3. – Being threatened.

4. – Being pushed or shoved.

5. – Being cyber-bullied.

6. – Being forced to do something that you do not want to do.

7. – Being excluded from activities.

8. – Having personal items destroyed.

Each of these has been experienced by people of all ages. These can occur in school, outside of school, in the workplace, etc., and as a result, it can lead to some serious consequences for the individuals that are being bullied.

What is the outcome for people who are being bullied/have been bullied in the past?

When a particular individual experiences a form of bullying, it can damage your self-esteem, your confidence in standing up for yourself, and it can damage any trust you may have in another individual. In total, at least 14{8376195f3e11fe7b79595fd7996b9c81f861524e2a126880dfd577a3d56818a3} of school students have considered suicide due to being bullied which is a clear example of how someone’s behaviour to another human being can really damage a person’s view on life.

Bullying can cause serious depression in a human being, as well as self-harming or in other cases; it can cause the individual to rely on drugs.

This particular issue is not easy to go through and it is even harder to get out of the situation once you are in it. It can also cause burnout in your body which means your body will experience headaches, muscle pain, exhaustion, a change in your eating and sleeping habits, high blood pressure, and so much more.

If you are being bullied, how can you stop the issue?

In relation to putting a stop to this particular issue, there are many ways to can do this. If you are in school, one of the main individuals that you can talk you is the guidance councillor. These people are there to help you in these particular situations and to put an end to the issue. If you do not feel comfortable in talking to your guidance councillor, you can also talk to any of your teachers or even your principal if you are more comfortable in speaking to them

Another option which would be to talk to someone you trust in order to reduce stress. This could be a friend of yours or a family member. It is so important that you have someone you can rely on and you can turn on and each of the options mentioned above are highly recommended.

These particular options will also relate to adults who may also be getting bullied. Although instead of discussing your problem with a teacher, you can talk to your boss.

How can you overcome your insecurities even if you are not being bullied anymore?

For every individual who has suffered from some kind of bullying will tell you that it all takes time. No matter what it is that you are struggling to overcome, it will go away in time and you will be a better person after it. Even when the bullying has come to an end, you can still talk to someone about how you are feeling because that is so important to do to ensure that you are OK and that you are not holding any emotions in.

Bullying can and will be stopped for the sake of this final stress relief, all you have to do is seek help.

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How to reduce stress

Stress reduction

Stress seems never ending making people think there is nothing they can do about it. Your bills won’t stop being posted and family responsibilities are always demanding making your day hours less. But the truth is you have more control over your stress than you may think. The simple realization that you are in control is the best foundation laid in managing or reducing stress. In order to achieve stress relief one needs to take care of his or her own emotions, thoughts, problems and schedules.

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Identify where your Stress is stemming from

In order to reduce stress one needs to identify the main causes of stress in their life. The task is hard as the sources are not as obvious as one may think. One may easily overlook their feelings, thought and emotions responsible for high stress levels.

After one has completed isolating his actual stress causing factors in life and accepting responsibility they now take the next step. Without accepting responsibility for your own stress, managing it will always be out of your own reach.

How to reduce stress

Stress reduction can be achieved through several relaxation techniques that are proven scientifically to handle stress. Relaxation entails peace of mind which interns reduces effects of stress on your body. Below are just but samples of the relaxation techniques used in reducing levels of stress:

1.Progressive relaxation

This method employs use of fingers up to toes by tensing and releasing each muscle group in your body. The muscles include the lower arm, upper arm, chest, back and abdominal. Once the whole body is relaxed the mind will also follow. This will greatly reduce the stress level an individual is encountering.

2. Writing Out

Keep any form of writing can be a very effective way to relieve stress and its related symptoms due to the reflective and meditative power of writing. A journal can greatly aid an individual to put thoughts into perspective, one should select a certain time each day to write the things that make him/her happy.

3. Walking

Taking a quiet and meditative stroll alone can do great wonders in reducing your stress level. During such strolls try not to walk quickly by taking the pace that suits you and makes you feel natural. These strolls will greatly enable you manage any stress you are experiencing as they let your body relax.

4. Taking a nap

Studies have also shown that naps have an effect on stress as they reduce the levels of cortisol in your body which intern aids in lowering stress. Take regular naps at your own time of convenience to help you reduce your stress.

5. Meditation

Research has shown that meditation has great effect on relieving stress as it alter the neural pathway of the brain making one more flexible in handling stress. Meditation entails focusing your attention on something while reciting it. The phrase recited is always a positive mantra which helps one to appreciate who they are. This technique simply lets the negative thoughts in their mind flow by like water.

6. Taking deep breaths

Focus on your breathing for a period of like 5-10 minutes while sitting upright with your eyes closed and your hands place on your stomach region. Proceed by slowly inhaling air through the nose, following the breath from start in your abdomen to the top of your head. These deep breathes counter the stress effect by simply lowering your heart beat and blood pressure as well.

7. Indulge in Yoga

Yoga employs several breathing techniques in its poses which makes it a very effective activity in stress reduction. Yoga goes a long way to reduce an individual’s stress level and is commonly being prescribed to counteract the effects of stress in both the body and mind.

8. Music

Studies have pointed to various ways in which music can be used to reduce stress. They can trigger biochemical stress managers or reducers in the body to offer help in stress treatment. This is mostly employed in medical procedures related stress.

9. Drink tea and chew

Taking tea is also a proven method of lowering post-stress cortisol levels and improving the general feeling of relaxation. Chewing gums also go a long way in reducing cortisol levels which is very vital in stress management.


These relaxation methods go hand in hand with other methods of stress reduction to reap the maximum possible benefits. One should also avoid being a victim of mobbing or bullying in the case of children or even adult in some cases. Adults should avoid burnout as they lead to increased stress levels.


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Burnout Syndrome: Know if you have it & how to avoid it

Burnout Syndrome

In today’s society, stress can be a major health risk to almost every age group and social class. Students feel the pressure both to excel at school and fit in with their peers, parents struggle to take care of their kids and their relationships while managing and balancing their work time and project management, and workers have multiple sources of stress, from heavy workloads, to the pressure to present results to maintain their place among the workforce, to pressure from the leadership or for being in a leadership position. Add in the social stress of an increasingly connected and fast-pacing living, and it’s not surprising that societies are heading for breakdowns as a whole.

burnout syndrome

All these factors contribute to the emergence of new, stress-related diseases and disorders, such as burnout syndrome. Although this may seem something quite new and unusual, the disease, which is often compared and confused with depression, is simply manifested as lack or energy, interest and will to work. This disease, for its relatively recent emergence and discovery, is still not recognized as such, and patients are usually classified as presenting symptoms of chronic depression, leading to the aforementioned confusion and perhaps wrong diagnosis.

Despite not being actually recognized among psychologists as a disease – not an officially indexed one, at least – burnout syndrome has been named in the 1970s, and is probably more frequent that some might think, even outside work environments, where it is believed to be more frequent, as it is usually the result of chronic or longstanding occupational stress, and being identified in other patients, such as students, who can also show lack out interest or energy at school, after long years of being pressured, or after a traumatic experience like being a victim of bullying.


The most common – and commonly recognized – symptom of burnout is exhaustion, or the general lack of energy. However, there are more easily detectable signs, like the lack of motivation to work, decreased ability for working efficiently, and cognitive problems, like the lack of attention and focus on tasks at hand. More worrisome though are some tell-tale signs, which if ignored can lead to permanent to the person suffering from the disease, both on a professional as well as physical and mental health levels.


Chronic stress may not always be taken seriously, especially these days, when seemingly everyone is chronically stressed, but if misdiagnosed or ignored, chronic stress can lead to inability to socialize and relate to other, chronic inability to work, and worse yet, it can lead to serious health problems like digestive and hearth diseases and chronic depression.


Since this is a stress-related disease, the key to preventing and treating burnout syndrome is obviously to reduce stress. The first thing that has to be done if someone  or someone they know has it is to have it diagnosed, and make sure the symptoms aren’t dismissed as something else which may have similar signs associated to it.


After that, the next step is to eliminate the sources of the stress. If it an excessive workload which is provoking the added stress, then it is time to slow down, and delegate, maybe even set yourself, or have your superiors, lower your expectations and goals, so as to lift some pressure. Likewise, if the stress is provoked by the inability to put work down, you will need to force yourself to leave work at the office, even if you have to ask your boss to cut down the work, which can be an awkward, a job endangering situation, but is certainly a necessary step in this case. If it is a loved one suffering from the disease, it is good to make an effort to spend time with them, forcing them to be away from work.


If there is, however, another reason behind the occupational stress causing the burnout, like for instance long running incidents of mobbing, which are impairing the victim’s ability to work or enjoy their job, then it is urgent to have these incidents reported, so as to eliminate the likely main source of stress before any permanent damage can be made. If there are no minimal conditions for the victim to continue performing their job for their current employer, it may be necessary to leave the job.


Burnout syndrome is a serious modern disease, and should be treated as such, at the risk of becoming a chronic society impairing problem, as the increased stress of the current lifestyle choices imposed by nowadays standards will surely continue to take a toll on several members of society, if not the group as a whole.

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How great it feels while working from home online

Benefits Of Working From Home Online 

These days with office politics, long commutes, overtime and the like, is it any wonder that people are looking at the possibility of working from home online?


There are an abundance of jobs online that offer comparable pay for specific tasks. The hours are flexible and you schedule your own time to work, not the other way around if you worked for a boss. You are the one in control of your time.

Time freedom is the most sought after commodity and rightly so. Many people want to spend more time with their family and friends instead of tied to an office desk for eight hours with a long commute to look forward to. Working at home online gives you the opportunity to be with your family, and the time to do the things that you enjoy doing.

more time with family

How To Learn Working From Home Online

Task based jobs are the easiest for online workers to perform. You may choose to answer questions and do research, write articles, perform online data entry or similar tasks that you are paid for. The time you spend doing these tasks are minimal and you are compensated for your time according to the task.

You can easily learn to do these things because many of the companies that you may work for offer training or you may already be skilled at the task and use the training to enhance your performance.

The training is done online and offers step by step instructions on how to complete the task. Online work can be easy to do, you just need to bring the commitment to work from home and the time and you can have a job at your fingertips.

You can find online work from home by doing a simple search for online jobs or you may register with certain job sites that offer home based work. However you choose to seek employment, you will need to be prepared to take tests and interview for the position. Some simply require registration and you can begin working immediately.

How To Avoid Online Work At Home Scams

There is something to consider when looking for online work at home jobs and that is to avoid work at home scams that may be floating around on the web. Generally if you have to pay a fee to work or find out information to get the job, it is most likely a scam. You should not have to pay anyone to find work online.

Legitimate job sites allow you to apply for the job without any fees or up front pay and offer you the work free of charge just like with any type of employment that you may find in the brick and mortar world. Be careful of these types of opportunities.

Once you find the job set aside time to work each day that is uninterrupted and make sure that your family and friends understand that this is your time to work. Once the tasks have been completed for the day your time is yours to do what you love doing.

Working from home online is an enjoyable way to earn a living because you are no longer subject to being managed by a boss or under stress or pressure from working for someone else. Your earning potential can be unlimited and you are not limited to the number of jobs that you can perform online. But it may require some self discipline to separate both worlds – family time and work time: