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Top Activities for Kids

Best-Loved Activities for Kids


Kids love playing, but for parents who want their children to also learn and develop, why not combine these two goals? Childcare doesn’t have be a chore, and activities for kids can be both engaging and also skill-building. Some of these activities are a great way to spark a child’s curiosity, build a new skill, and encourage healthy development. 

Enjoy Crafts Together

Kids love craft activities, especially when they get to enjoy playing with and having the final product. One of the favorite crafts to make is bird houses. Most home improvement stores sell bird house kits that can be easily assembled at home, and help kids improve motor skills and work on their design abilities. After the bird house has been assembled, kids can be creative and paint the houses, adding fun designs to the theme. Not only is this craft idea skill-building, it also provides years of enjoyment as birds come and nest in these houses. When bird houses are not an option, consider other crafts such as paper-mache, making paper flower, ornaments, or other small crafts. 

Stage the Olympics

This fun activity can be done with parents and spouses as well as kids for a fun way to be active throughout the year. It may even be a good idea when childcare is involved since this activity works best with a group of kids. Stage the games with races, relays, and other fun events. The games don’t have to be the same as the regular olympics and can be as varied as possible. As a spouse make sure to set aside a few hours for this activity and have fun prizes or medals for the winning team at the end to help motivate the kids to participate. 

Volunteer Locally

Activities for kids don’t just have to be fun, they can also be a good way to encourage kids to give back to their communities. For kids who may seem reluctant to volunteer, look into volunteering at a local animal adoption organization. Kids who enjoy animals may be more excited about this activity and be willing to put in a few hours a week playing with animals and helping out as needed. It’s never to early to learn about the importance of volunteering, so make this activity possible for kids when available. There are many ways to volunteer, even at a young age. 

Cook Meals Together

During the younger years, kids are learning and exploring more, so why not take these adventures to the kitchen? Make this a complete activity by having kids choose a fun recipe and then take them shopping to pick up the ingredients. If possible, pick out a recipe that may be specific to an international country and then visit an ethnic grocery store to find the ingredients needed. The interesting spices and new flavors are a great way for kids to find out more about the world. They’ll also pick up some basic skills in the kitchen by helping prepare and cook the dishes. 

Plant a Garden

For parents who enjoy gardening, kids often don’t seem all that interested. However, when they become responsible for having their own section of the garden, they may find their green thumb! Encourage this skill by explaining that they can each have a small area of the garden where they can plant anything they want. Take the kids to a local gardening store and help them pick out seedlings, flower seeds, or anything else that they want to grow. Then, let them be mostly responsible for planting and caring for their small garden, although provide any help as needed. This activity is a great way to encourage responsibility with kids and also let them see how their hard work pays off when they start to see vegetables growing or end up with beautiful flowers and plants.

Vary the Activities

Some of these activities for kids are better off in the summer months while others could be done year round. However, it’s important to engage children in a variety of activities to keep their minds and bodies active. Use these ideas or think of other ones in the area to promote fun learning at every stage of life. Kids will enjoy taking part, and they’ll also learn some valuable skills along the way.

So look forward to spend more time with family and do good parenting!