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How to improve Job Satisfaction

Improving Job Satisfaction


Because most people spend a significant amount of their lives working, job satisfaction is a key area to consider when making career choices. There has been extensive research done to help determine what’s important in jobs and a few key components seem to be the difference between a job that’s truly enjoyed and one that is just a way to make ends meet. 

Healthy Working Environment

This means that the working conditions are clean and well-lit. Each employee has adequate space and the proper equipment needed to complete the work in a timely manner. Because many people don’t find that they enjoy the traditional work environment, they often work from home in a home office or similar space. This option offers flexible working hours which can lead to a healthier work environment as well. In addition to letting each employee be responsible for his or her time, it also provides the opportunity to work efficiently and not be on a set schedule which can lead to greater job satisfaction overall.


Responsibility in a career is the belief that people are responsible for heir own actions and indicates that they are trusted. When people feel as though they have more responsibility, they have greater job satisfaction. When you have the chance to be your own boss, you tend to work harder because you feel more invested in the outcome of that work. A good employer will help instill this feeling of responsibility in each employee. Also, for a self-employed person, this responsibility is probably already present on a regular basis. 

Reasonable Working Time

People who spend too much time at work generally do not feel satisfied because they have little time to devote with other pursuits and enjoyments in life. This is one of the reasons why most people enjoy working an 8-hour day or sometimes even less. This time frame tends to be fairly consistent and studies have shown that working longer hours does not generally increase overall productivity. Also, people tend to enjoy living close to where they work. Commuting for an hour a day is seen as a significant amount of time and can detract from overall satisfaction in a career. In these cases, working from home or only going into the office on an occasional basis is desirable if possible. 

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Meaningful Work

This area of career satisfaction is fairly easy to understand because people generally want to know that what they’re doing is important and adds value to the world. If someone cannot see the bigger picture in their daily work, they won’t feel as invested or as satisfied. Since many people work in smaller areas of a company, they may not ever realize the full impact that they have in that company. Employers can help boost moral and increase employee satisfaction by reminding them on a consistent basis of the company’s goals and what the company has accomplished, reminding employees that they’ve played a vital role in every major action. 

Chances to Learn

In the initial months and even years of working, most people are going to be learning how their position works and figuring out the company. However, after they’ve mastered this aspect of their job, they will be interested in learning more and growing through company. Many companies offer regular training programs so that they can promote from within. This is a great strategy that benefits both companies and employees. Even if these opportunities are not available in every department, a good business will still offer their employees chances to learn and increase their knowledge. Paying for conference fees, offering classes, and providing access to other learning tools are great strategies that some of the top companies offer their employees on a regular basis. 

All of these areas contribute to overall job satisfaction. While stability and consistency used to be the major factors for satisfaction, the two elements that are continuing to become more important are flexibility and personal freedom. Because of this, many people are choosing to work from home, or start their own businesses. Even in the traditional work force, many companies allow flexibility with their employees and don’t have strict scheduling requirements. Allowing greater freedom for employees ultimately improves satisfaction and is an important area for every company to consider.