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What Is Mobbing, How Does It Affect You, And How Do You Save Yourself From It?

What Is Mobbing, How Does It Affect You, And How Do You Save Yourself From It? Find Out

People have often used the words ‘’bullying and mobbing’’ interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing? Well, the former means a repeated pattern of intrusive, violational behavior directed towards a single or multiple targets. It may involve criticizing them, refusing to value/acknowledge them, discredit or undermine them, among a host of other negative behaviors.

Mobbing is used in continental Europe, and it means a victim is selected by a group of individuals and bullied. However, every group features a ring leader, who may have a distinct trait. For instance, if they are an extrovert, they will make it clear who is pushing the group to do what they are doing.

On the other hand, if they are introverted, they may hide in the background while doing what they do best – coercing members of the group to bully their target. Introverts are said to be very dangerous and canning! In a situation where mobbing is about to take place, the ringleader will incite his/her supporters, copycat, or cohort inexperienced, unenlightened, immature or emotionally unstable group members with poor values, to attack the identified victim.

Through inflicting adversarial interactions with the victim, the chief bully derives pleasure. This leads to mutually-assured destruction, in which the chief bully finds intense gratification. In fact, this is a trait shown by most psychopathic personalities.

Another aspect of psychopathic bullies is that they home in on the wannabe types. These are also considered non-psychopathic, less vigorous bullies, who only need empowerment to reach to where they crave to be. When this category of people teams up with the psychopathic chief bullies, they tend to learn how to attain the position of power and authority, which by the way, they’ve craved for for so long. Once the above ideals are met, they become a slave of the master, i.e. the senior psychopathic bully. In other words, they deteriorate in wit while becoming compliant puppets. Even at the workplace, these people make excellent clones & drones. A wannabe clearly lacks the qualifications of being where they are.

Furthermore, they also lack the intellect which would make them understand the nature or manner of their compliant sub-subservience.

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When mobbing takes place, the target will be deceived into retaliatory mode by fighting, blaming or even trying to hold accountable minor bullies of the team. At this point, the chief bully is nowhere to be seen, so they won’t face the blame. This is interesting because the chief psychopathic bully will keep slipping away unnoticed every time, and that’s because he/she makes people believe that he/she is not the monster. And by the way, it’s hard to tell if they were somehow involved in the vice.

Furthermore, this is the main reason why many wife-batterers and pedophiles succeed in evading accountability and sanction by the authorities, so their behavior could thrive even for decades. These people look very charming at first sight. They may also pretend to be plausible or naïve, inexperienced or uneducated people. It is easy to take them for people who have never experienced mobbing before.

You will find them in Human Resource Department They’ve mastered their art, and are very smart in the game of capturing people within the human resource and management department, thereby converting them into a team of mobbing experts who can be manipulated others i.e. made puppets to burnout junior employees within the organization.   To reduce stress associated with mobbing, the rule of the thumb is to identify the real source, which would be the chief bully in this case.

Concentration should be put towards holding the ringleader accountable for his silent but canning actions in order to finally accomplish stress relief. However, keep in mind that this is not going to be a walk in the park, why? They are obviously going to launch a retaliatory attack against you, thanks to their vast network of puppets that can be manipulated easily. So expect a thriving mobbing activities and a fast-expanding web of deceit ganging up against you. If this won’t work, you might consider leaving so that these people don’t ruin your health, your career and even life. However, in the event that the ringleader is exposed and forced to leave, the aggression, dysfunction, and the negative feelings planted by them is likely to haunt the place for years. But eventually, it dissipates, so everything moves on as it is.