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What a spouse needs to know about parenting


Becoming a parent for the first is exciting and at the same time overwhelming. So much is expected from a spouse especially the mother. You are guaranteed of sleepless nights, too much running up and down is expected of the father, and everyone begins to get caught up by the visitor in the family. Different childcare advices from different people start streaming in- even from strangers on how hold, feed or burp the newborn. This is when spouse wish that their newborn could have at least come with a manual.


But the best thing about kids is that they grow very fast. As kids grow, always be there for them and be a good role model to them. As a spouse, each one of you has a role to play in the kid’s life as he or she develops. Like sponges, kids tend to do whatever their parents are doing. Always do good things and your child will do the same. This applies to your hobbies as well. Expose your kids to everything that you think it will have a positive impact in their lives including your hobbies. It will be a bonding opportunity for you and your kids in case they end up liking your some of your hobbies.

Choosing the right fun activities for your kids go a long way with ensuring that their safety is checked remembering also that this could be their future career. There are many things you can leave your kids to play with while you maneuver with house chores but you should remember that not everything around the house is safe for them. You can let your two-year son build small houses with Legos which is very enjoyable to him but dangerous at the same time because he can swallow a Lego. Or your long-curled hair daughter might be playing with his big brothers toys which might be too heavy for her.

The bottom line is to spend some time assessing the playing needs of the kid. Does whatever he plays with make him happy? Does it compromise his safety? You can also gauge their strengths and weakness through an art activity. Let him create figures using either clay or sticks and if you see some excitement during this activity, consider nurturing him in art.

When it comes to kids’ birthdays, every spouse is proud seeing their kid moving on to the next year in life. This means that good work has been done and the kid is in good shape that he or she made it to the next year. Planning for birthday parties; the venue, activities and of course the clean up afterwards is tedious. And again going back to the same old place each year to celebrate a birthday is boring. A change of scenery makes the celebration worthwhile; you can decide to host the party at the gymnastic studio, or at an indoor sports center, also little girls could really enjoy a salon/spa experience or you can take them to a nature center where they can learn more about the fauna and flora, do nature walks and have an outdoor picnic. You should always take family pictures especially during birthdays. This is a way of showing your kids that you had interest in them even in their early ages.

The kid has grown and is ready to join school, there come the hustle of finding the best school for your child which usually not an easy task. As a spouse, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider before picking a school for your child. Practically, the school should be near your residential area- select one that you pass along as you head to work. Long distance travelling, the traffic can be so tiring to the kid and they’ll always arrive in school late which is not motivating to you as a parent and to your kid as well.

You should also choose a school that appeal to your standards; scrutinize their philosophy, standards, and values. Are they in line with your belief system at home? Does the teacher-student ratio appeal to you? What is their average class size? School facilities- are they of good quality? Do they have the basic facilities like a library with age-appropriate books, an auditorium, a clinic, a clean cafeteria, and physical education facilities which must be spacious? Do they have a security alarm system and an alert team? As a parent, it feels safe knowing that your child is in safe hands while in school- it gives you a peace of mind. In a nutshell, these are the most important factors you need to consider before enrolling your kid to any school.

You should also consider the school’s selection process to know the kind of children your kid is going to interact with. The characteristics, response behaviors, personality,  perceived expertise and learning styles of the school you are going to enroll your child. If for instance your kid is interested in art, dance, music, drama or any other activity, be sure to enroll your kid to a school that nurtures such an interest as early as possible.

Above all, you should not forget to go on dates even as the kids grow. When kids come, everything changes; no more weekend getaway, night outs, or dates. Instead: more time with family.


This is because every spouse would feel bad leaving behind their kids but it actually gives the two of you an opportunity to rekindle your love, do grown up stuff to keep your relationship healthy, relax and to refresh yourselves.