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Best 6 ways to Save Money on Gas

Top 6 ways to Save Money on Gas 

Maintain your vehicle

A well tuned vehicle is going to maximize its fuel efficiency. Make sure you change your filters regularly. Your engine uses 15 parts air to one part gas at sea level. This means if the air is blocked, your engine is going to have to work harder which just leads to burning fuel. Check your car manual to make sure you are using the correct motor oil. Using the wrong motor oil translates to an inefficient motor and excess fuel loss. Make sure your gas cap is airtight. If you are driving around with a broken or missing gas cap, you could be losing gas from simple evaporation. Park in the shade until you get this fixed. Clean out your car to save money on gas and put more towards your other living expenses. Every 100 lbs you have stored away in the trunk reduces your fuel efficiency by 1-2{8376195f3e11fe7b79595fd7996b9c81f861524e2a126880dfd577a3d56818a3}.

Align and fill your tires

You can save 20 cents on the gallon if you keep your tires well aligned. Poorly aligned tires will not only cause your tires to wear out prematurely, the engine has to work harder to get them spinning and your car moving. On a related note, make sure your tires are filled to their optimal psi. If your tires are a little flat, they will drag causing you to burn unnecessary fuel. Optimal PSI levels are different for every tire, but you can reference the psi levels noted the side of every tire. You lose air pressure as you drive your car, so check your air on a biweekly basis.

Limit your driving and AC

Cutting down on your driving involves more than just carpooling. Did you know that making multiple trips covering the same distance as one continuous longer trip will burn more fuel? Your car burns more fuel making multiple cold starts than when the engine is already warm. Combine your errands into one trip around town instead of spreading them out over several days. Plan your route in advance, by checking an online map for side routes that may get you where you need to go more efficiently. Turn off your air conditioner, and open your vents or windows instead to cool down. The AC is a huge fuel guzzler, especially at low speeds.

Avoid idling

Every two minutes you spend idling your car is equivalent to the amount of fuel that you would burn travelling a mile. Modern cars do not require the long warm up period that older generation cars did. Check with your car manual or local mechanic for the optimal warm up time in different weather conditions for your vehicle. It is often less than a minute. Whether you are stuck waiting for a train or waiting for someone to quickly pop in and out of a store, turn off your vehicle to save on fuel. When travelling from point A to point B, you may want to avoid routes on store front filled streets, as you will spend more time idling in your car waiting for pedestrians to pass at multiple crossings.

Pay less

Save money on gas when you fill up on gas Monday through Wednesday. Gas stations frequently jack up the prices starting on Thursday in anticipation of weekend road trips. Avoid buying your gas in affluent areas or at stations just off the highway. You are only paying for location and convenience. Fill up your gas tank every time you go, and save on miles spent making multiple trips to the gas station and idling waiting for a pump to open. If you have a smart phone, download the AAA triptik or GasBuddy app. These apps help you find the cheapest gas in your area. Get more gas for your dollar when you fill up early in the day or later in the evening. Gas is more dense when it is cool, so if you fill up your tank when it’s warm out you will get less of it. Make sure you save your receipts, you can claim gas as one of your small business tax deductions when it comes time to fill out your taxes.

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Drive smart

Excessive execrations and breaking will use more fuel than if you simply drove at a regular pace. Every 5 mph that you reduce in speed can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 7{8376195f3e11fe7b79595fd7996b9c81f861524e2a126880dfd577a3d56818a3}. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, so you are not forced to break as frequently. Ignore tailgaters and don’t let them pressure you into speeding up. Let them pass when it is convenient for them. Try to anticipate stops and coast towards a stop light instead of pressing on the gas all the way there and stopping abruptly. Accelerate slowly from a dead stop, and you will use less fuel than if you try to peel away.