self determination

Is it possible to achieve self determination when working from home?


The answer is yes. To a lot of people especially moms, working from home is definitely worth it. It is a job that allows you to earn an income, take care of your home and family without having to hire someone to help you. Hiring house helps can be quite expensive in some countries. Even in those countries where hiring someone to help around is affordable, there is that feeling of not wanting to trust someone with your home and kids.

Main advantages of working from home:

Self determination

Most office jobs have a frustrating and inadequate amount of income. Working from home has a very rewarding income. There are countless ways to earn money. This is because the earning potential depends on the person. It is not fixed hence you can earn a tidy sum if you work hard and smart. There is a self determination that comes with having an open ability to earn more because no one is stopping you.

Job satisfaction

With the unlimited earning potential, there is definitely a satisfaction that come with that. Most office jobs cannot provide that and people are never settled trying to look for better paying office jobs. This can bring about a lot of stress.

Flexible working hours

Working from home allows planning of your time according to a schedule that suits you and not your boss. You can do your housework, look after the kids and work at whatever time you wish. For those who prefer working at night, there are countless jobs available round the clock. If you are a morning person, you can work in the morning hours and call it a day. Same for those who prefer to work in the afternoons or evenings.

Commuting is eradicated

Most office jobs require one to make exhausting commutes from home to the office on accident prone roads that have crazy traffic jams and rude drivers. This requires the person to wake up early then spend a lot of time to get to the office in traffic jams. The journey back is not any different.

Ability to be your own boss

There is nothing as deeply relieving as working without a boss hovering over your shoulder. Having a boss can sometimes feel like you are still in kindergarten. Some bosses are also very difficult and lord of their workers and create a slave like atmosphere. It is not uncommon for bosses to misuse their power and mandate to make the office unbearable and they prefer you don’t raise any issues because if you do, they will victimize until you quit.

Self determination, job satisfaction, flexible working hours and the ability to be your own boss are just many of the benefits you can enjoy working from home.

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